Final Thoughts

I chose to read Teaching Argument Writing by George Hillocks, Jr. The chapters taught me how to design a unit about argument writing and why it is an important topic to teach. I have gathered a list of quotes that I think teachers should consider when designing a unit  about argument writing.


  1. “Students need to understand what makes an argument sound.”(103)
  2. “It is mandatory for us as teachers to help students learn to examine their own judgments and those of others.” (103)
  3. Students must “learn how to independently apply and defend a set of criteria in making various kinds of decisions”(114)
  4. Debate “focuses on the uses of language, on how different people with different values interpret events, on the necessity of using language purposively and thoughtfully and the importance for critical thinking if we are ever to achieve a just society” (142)
  5. “The best problems for discussion will involve relatively abstract ideas or terms, and will likely involve at least two (possibly opposing) points of view.” (143)
  6. “Once students have worked on defining two or three concepts, it becomes a fairly simple task to engage students in thinking about and applying what they have learned to other concepts as the curriculum moves along” (176)
  7. Encourage “students to become more thoughtful human beings capable of making sound judgments.” (176)
  8. “If we want to help students become strong inferential readers, we must provide the knowledge, experience, and practice that will allow them to do so” (178)
  9. “Will students find the concept interesting?” (180)
  10. “It is important to note that this development of thoughtful students takes place over many years of schooling.” (200)



3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts

  1. I think you last quote is most telling! We will stress that we can’t help our students grow in a year to totally master this skill! It takes time! I think the lines you picked could also be shared with kids are you are teaching them the unit!


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